At the heart of our daily activities
is responsible action.

Company Philosophy

We’d like to provide a high level of service for our customers, in accordance with nature and environment, as well as in the long term we wish to contribute to the economic prosperity and the social alliance. Our strength is the implementation of the reliable services corresponding to the contractual points. We perform all of this responsibly, professionally and on time.

We put at our clients disposal as a transparent, reliable and service oriented partner. At the focus of our every day job are our client’s needs and expectations. Especially important to us is our staff’s personal commitment, quick response time, reliability, team spirit and the responsible implementation of our tasks assigned to us by our customers, in particular with regard to the security of the transported cargo.

We at the MATCHLOG GmbH prefer co-operative leadership. Our employees out tasks with entrepreneurial approach, and with the widest possible responsibility power. Our staff including our trusted subcontractors (drivers) make a significant contribution to our company’s successful operation. We attach great importance to coaching and to continuous training.

As a private company we consider family atmosphere and a balanced long-term relationship regarding our employees is also very important. In achieving and sustaining the firm success plays social responsibility also an important role. The every days of our cooperation foundation are based on respect and integrity.


The innovative thinking and activity is self-understood by us.