Medicine and Pharmaceutical product transport

Proper temperature for your products

With the classification of Pharmaserv
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Available until the 4th of April 2026

By the transportation of pharmaceutical products there are special conditions: the lines of the Good Distribution Practice (GDP). The unfailing documentation of every single medicine carriage is the condition of the professional way to handle your order. It is no matter if it is between +2 and +8°C or +15 and +25°C.

The two most important foundations of the so called Cold chain management are: the usage of the right equipment and the qualified staff.

Cold Chain +2° to +8°

Ambient +15° to +25°

Real time monitoring. All the essential information can be queried on the internet.

  • Audited authority and traceability (GAMP4)
  • Data security and – recording
  • Alarm system corresponding to the different temperature levels
  • The real-time information are available at any time (24/7)
  • GDP
  • The temperature records are available through independent hosting-centers
  • Optical, acoustic and text-based alarm system for the drivers
  • Automatic recording of the route information
  • Interconnection of the car door with the opening dates for the purpose of verifying
  • All data recording (e.g. doors, cooling off/on switch etc.)
  • GPS position
  • Data transfer with GPRS
  • The time spent at the stops
  • Planned/actual route comparison
  • Documentation that records the whole cooling-chain
Real time monitoring.